Tips to Choose the Best Car Rental


If you are a cost-conscious traveler, whether on the road for business or pleasure, there is one place that you can reduce your travel expenses and this is at the rental car counter. There are rules of the bargaining game that you ought to know so that you get the best deal. First, you need to shop the internet because these sites sometimes have better deals. This is generally because these companies are cheaper to operate. You can check out multiple independent travel sites as well as different car rental web pages. You will always find that among the multiple sites, one that has the best deals.

It is important that you ask about discounts because frequent-flier programs as well as hotel have negotiated discounts. Everything is usually a tradeoff and if you manage to reserve early, you will be able to lock in your car and your rate. However, before you rent the car, make sure you have booked the airline and hotel so that you get to enjoy the reciprocal deal. Research and ask a few questions before you go ahead and book. If you are planning to go on vacation during a peak period, you are advised to book six weeks in advance so that you do not miss out on a car.

The consideration you should have is the length of time that you will need the car for. Even though you might need the car for a few days, if you rent it for longer, you might just get a better deal. Look at the date pairs and see if that extra day will net to a better rate in the long-run. Look beyond the big market players because there are some secondary brands that will deliver just as good quality of Drive SA Car Hire competitive rate.

There are non-airport rates that you can also compare. At the moment, renting at the airports has become very pricy because of the access fees and surcharges. However, you might still find that it is cheaper to rent at at the terminal and you can rent one from there. You should think about where and when you want to drop off the car when returning it. If you want to leave the car at another place other than where you took it from, there will be drop-off charges. Ask about the mileage because some of the companies will offer unlimited miles as long as you are within a certain area.